Anticipate policy change. Reduce uncertainty.

Predict legislative outcomes with 94% accuracy

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Save Time

Focus on the most critical policy risks.

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Build Relationships

Identify influential legislators. Understand their interests.

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Manage Risks

Monitor legislative and regulatory change at the federal and state level.

The Tools for Change at your Fingertips


Know which bills will pass and how individual legislators will vote. Unfold combines a proprietary algorithm that includes historical data, media tracking, and district information to calculate predictions.

Member and Staffer Directory

Contact the correct legislators and their staffers with ease. We provide updated email addresses, committee positions, titles, and phone numbers on federal and state level policy makers and their staff.

Contact Management System

Build institutional knowledge on your organization's relationship with key policymakers. Easily track past points of contact.

  • Identify opportunities for your industry.

  • Be prepared for new regulatory challenges.

  • Increase impact. Win campaigns.

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