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Abolish The Minimum Wage

Senator from Oklahoma (R)
I don’t believe there ought to be a national minimum wage. That’s my position.

Allow a weak U.S. dollar

Having a strong U.S. dollar affords Americans greater purchasing power over foreign goods and makes domestic investments more attractive to foreign investors....
Editor and Founder of Grant's Interest Rate Observer
That a currency of no intrinsic value is accepted as money the world over is an achievement that no monetary economist up until not so many decades ago could have imagined.

The FDA'S Caution Is Hazardous To Our Health

Professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
We're not talking about people with skin conditions. These people are going to die.

The GOP must move to center

The 2012 election indicates that the Republican Party has become overly entrenched in conservative ideology. For the party to survive, it must shift to center.
Co-Founder of Keep America Safe
Republicans are being counseled to move the party to the left, but in my experience, those who advocate more liberal policies for the GOP are wrongheaded or Democrats, or both.

Prohibit genetically engineered babies

Reproductive science has advanced to the point where the prospect of genetically altering babies to select for certain traits and against diseases is not...
Professor of Science & Society at Imperial College
The biggest ethical issue might be that we are going to cause a great deal of worry unnecessarily to a great deal of women who are pregnant.

Israel Can Live With a Nuclear Iran

Despite international sanctions and strongly-worded statements from world leaders, Iran has continued to move forward with its uranium enrichment program....
Prime Minister of Israel
My priority, if I’m elected for a next term as prime minister, will be first to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

Science refutes God

Many argue that science has advanced to the point where religion is no longer necessary to explain our world. Opponents state that a belief in a higher power...
Space and weather reporter for Houston Chronicle
There’s plenty of common ground between science and religion.

Ration end of life care

Some health care reformers have advocated for rationing end of life care, which is often very expensive does little to improve the health or wellbeing of...

The rich are taxed enough

High taxes on the rich stymie job creation and economic growth. The U.S. should reduce rates on high earners to stimulate recovery.
Contributor at National Review
...raise taxes only on the truly rich, those earning more than $5 million annually.

In the Middle East, elected Islamists are better than dictators

A recent Intelligence Squared debate posed this question, which has been a source of foreign policy disagreement among conservatives.
Editor-at-large for Time Magazine
The heart of the problem in the Arab world is that the old order was highly unstable. Repressive regimes such as Egypt’s had, over decades, created extreme opposition movements.

Legalize all drugs

Some proponents have advocated decriminalizing and legalizing the use of all drugs in order to reduce drug violence and crime rates.
Author and contributing editor to City Journal
Man’s desire to take mind-altering substances is as old as society itself—as are attempts to regulate their consumption. If intoxication in one form or another is inevitable, then so is customary or legal restraint upon that intoxication.

Repeal Obamacare

Despite the Supreme Court's ruling to uphold the ACA, many conservatives have argued that the Affordable Care Act should be repealed in its entirety.
Senator from Texas (R)
The way to stop problems w/ Obamacare is to admit this idea was fundamentally flawed to begin. We need #FullRepeal

Ban college football

The criticism of college football has grown in recent years after numerous recruiting scandals at major universities and news regarding the danger posed by...