30 under 30 Leaders of Tomorrow

30 under 30 Leaders of Tomorrow

Unfold is partnering with the Center for Development and Strategy on a number of initiatives supporting young leaders, policy-makers, and professional advocates. The following is a guest post from Sabrina Hyseni of CDS.

The business landscape is fundamentally changing due to increased competition, new economic models and dwindling resources. Thus, emerging future leaders should have a diverse background and a mindset of integration in order to adapt to a new world. This week, The Center for Development and Strategy launched their inaugural 30 under 30 Leaders of Tomorrow list. Through this program they recognize thirty young leaders from across the globe for their continued effort in creating a better society.

“The following individuals are proving themselves to be change-makers. They are entrepreneurs, scientists, policy-makers, activists, and academics. They have a lot more to learn, but are already applying their skills to the real world.” – David Harary, CDS Executive Director

While many other 30 under 30 awards recognize achievement in various fields, this list is quite unique as it showcases how this generation is bridging the gap between business, the environment and policy. Clearly they are poised to make a sustainable difference, and through reading the biographies three themes became quite evident as to what it means to be a CDS 30 under 30 Leader of Tomorrow.


A diverse array of experiences, both academic and professional, are a major theme showcased by the young leaders in this list. Many of them have studied in various fields yet their work is focused on the betterment of society, whether it is through policy, advocacy or business. The integration of different ideas to various fields is crucial for solving the complex problems the world is facing at the moment. These leaders have set their eyes on cleaning up the oceans, space advocacy, gender equality, education and climate justice yet taking different approaches towards the solution. It is imperative to have novel experiences in order to solve problems that have never been seen before.

Global Reach

The second theme emerging from this list is the global reach of their actions and agendas. As we continue to become more globalized through innovation and technology, leaders of the future should look to the entire world for inspiration. Future trends point to large numbers of migrant workers and refugees, international chemical management practices, large population shifts from rural to urban areas as well as climate change. All of these issues do not have any defined borders, or clear answers. Today they already affect the most vulnerable populations which is why future leaders should focus on the global effects of these issues in order to create local and international impact.


Lastly, passion and desire for change is the final theme emerging from this list of future sustainability leaders. They have traveled the world following what they are passionate about and have already started to create change at their age. Startups and non-profit founders are prevalent on the list but also activists, advocates and humanitarians whose desire to have a meaningful impact on the world has led them to where they are today.
In order to see the list and find out more about the Center for Development and Strategy please visit: www.thinkcds.org/leaders

Sabina Hyseni is the Consultant Intern at UNICEF and Director of Sustainability at CDS. She is currently a Candidate for a MSc in Sustainability Management at University of Toronto

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